San Diego Business Group

What is the San Diego Business Group?

The San Diego Business Group is a Referral-Networking Group that has only one member per profession. Therefore, members complement and support one another rather than compete against each other.

We meet every Thursday morning for Breakfast at 7:15am. During the meeting we feature one or more of our members who make a presentation about their business. An informative round table discussion follows. This process provides us with information and knowledge about each others business. This helps us keep ahead of competitors in our market and educates us about new developments in other professions.

Get more business, more knowledge, build relationships, and expand your market through the efforts of your fellow members acting as your "sales associates".

Our Referral Network Philosophy

Quality NOT Quantity

The smaller size of our Networking Group helps to promote interaction and comradery between members. We care about our fellow members and want to help them succeed. We spend time getting to know each other’s business to better understand what kind of referral is appropriate and most beneficial. We sum up this strategy as – Quality NOT Quantity.

The History of the San Diego Business Group

Why We Formed

The San Diego Business Group was formed in 2007 by five business men who broke away from one of those large networking organizations to form a more effective and prosperous referral group. The founding members were dissatisfied with other San Diego Area Networking Groups which tended to be large and impersonal. The membership size and national affiliations, of those groups, seemed to promise lots of business referral potential - but the actual experience was poor quality referrals of little or no value. The impersonal nature of the larger groups failed to build the Personal Relationships Between Members that is Critical to the Referral Process.

That’s why our founding members structured The San Diego Business Group differently than other networking groups. To eliminate competition among members and to ensure confidence in the performance of the members upon referral, they established two rules:

  • Only one representative from each industry or service would be allowed in the group at any given time.
  • Each prospective member would be thoroughly vetted to ensure that they were recognized as experts in their chosen fields and demonstrated a high level of business ethics.

These rules have been key to the success of the group’s referral process.

Our Future Goals

What to Expect

The goals of the San Diego Business Group remain the same as when it was founded. To Maintain a High Standard for Member Admission with only one representative per industry or service and to Promote Quality Referral Exchange Among Members. Like all business groups, we experience an inevitable membership turnover, but our goal is to maintain a count of around 25 to 30 members. That allows us to operate on a personal level and better promote each other’s businesses and careers.

SDBG Announcements

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We meet every Thursday afternoon for lunch at 1:00pm. During the meeting, one or more of our members give a presentation about their business. That's how we learn to best market each others services to our own clients and friends.

Once per quarter we hold a social event in the evening to gather with friends and guests and enjoy conversation, a drink, appetizers and sometimes live music! This social venue affords us the opportunity to grow our relationships and promotes stronger camaraderie in the group.